Day 6

The progressively demanding nature of this challenge leaves little time to sort out all of our reservations about what we are giving away.  We are beginning to tap into things which have heavier emotions attached to them.  Chris’s trekking guides represent places he’s been and places he’s always wanted to go.  Ophelia’s picture has such a story attached to it that she was compelled to write an independent blog about letting it go.  It is only day 6.

Ophelia’s items: Super awesome cool Guess high heels, a pair of earrings, A memory box frame, a shirt and a beautiful picture purchased many years ago at a trauma conference.

Chris’ items: 2 dress shirts, trekking guides to Nepal and Denali Park, book on explorer Ernest Shackleton, and a hand exerciser.


Books donated to Seattle Public library
Shirts & frame donated to Goodwill
Shoes sold at a local consignment store
Photograph: Inquire within

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