Day 20 & 21

There were some real sacrifices made here.  We really like these books but having the Kindle as an option has made parting with some of our favorites manageable.  We discovered a goldmine in the electronics drawer!  For years we’ve avoided rifling through all these cords and plugs.  Trying to figure out if we even have the devices these plug into.  However, this challenge has made organizing it an exciting prospect.

Back in the day we planned to record our own podcast.  We bought all the equipment, but never used it.  So that dream will die for the sake of space.  Ophelia bravely gave away her Holly Hobby ceramics.  To get us over the hump we gave away such value items as a pot top and a green towel!  Our hearts bleed.

In terms of items given away we are not even halfway there.  231 items given away.  265 items yet to give and only 10 DAYS IN WHICH TO DO IT!

photo(106) photo(107)


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