Day 24 & 25

The first couple of weeks of this challenge was all about  the basement.  The third week was the garage.  Now we are emptying out those ‘everything drawers.’  We have been letting go every day it’s altered our own concept of what is necessary to keep.  We almost quit on day 24.  Ophelia looked at me and said with some finality “that’s all I got.  I think i’m done.”  But then we opened the bathroom cabinets.  She went into her preschool craft drawers.  There was still more.  We want to finish the challenge, but we feel spread a little thin.  Yet each day we find just enough.  We are so close, but the sheer amount of items we will need this week makes the march to the finish line a little daunting.  6 more days!



One thought on “Day 24 & 25

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following along with your progress and I am so impressed. I would like to do some kind of challenge like this, but it takes quite a bit of dedication. I’m not sure I have that in me right now. Keep it up though, you are so close!


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